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An entrepreneur at heart, Cole prides himself in building businesses. Cole consistently takes action to grow MarcoMedia while maintaining superb relationships with everyone he has the opportunity to work alongside. In order to connect with like-minded individuals, Cole looks forward to expanding his network of high-status people. Aside from presently being a student-athlete at the University of Utah, Cole is inspired every day to continue down the path toward his goals which include real estate investing & business building.

Mobile: 385-386-1204




A business minded-individual, Andrew finds his passion to be in the creative management of small businesses. Andrew has a desire to grow small businesses, and create a work environment that is not only engaging, but also accepting in all manners. Andrew has a desire to be in the leadership field, being the captain of the Utah Swim & Dive Team, and studying to become an MBA leader in the business world. He has a passion for branding images, and creating a market for each unique individual alike, while pursuing his future goals of creating value in different markets.



JENN VARGAS / Chief Marketing Officer

A vital piece in MarcoMedia, Jenn has a passion for aesthetic content.  Bringing her skills to various social media platforms, Jenn brings her unique expertise to MarcoMedia.  Jenn values the time she gets to spend with clients because she understands building meaningful relationships is key.  Additionally, Jenn enjoys brainstorming new ideas not only with clients, but with MarcoMedia as well. 



CHRISTIAN BRITTON / Director of Operations

Thriving on competition and teamwork, Christian is driven to push organizations to their fullest potential. Like Andrew, Christian grew up in a small-business household and has a passion for growing and developing companies of his own. Christian received his Bachelors and MBA degrees from California Baptist University where he graduated as the top student in his class. He was inspired to come work at MarcoMedia because of the relationships they build with customers, their team-first attitude, and the growth mindset embedded in their culture.



ELLIE STOCKWELL / Project Manager

Ellie spends her time making sure everyone is getting what they are looking for, while constantly learning new ways to grow and develop social media platforms. Ellie is a recent graduate with a degree in Public Relations and a minor in Digital Media. She has a passion for bridging the gap between organizations and the community they serve, in whatever capacity that might be.


Content - Jenn (75).png

LAUREN TOLE / Content Creator

As a Content Creator, Lauren loves the ability that social media has provided to creatively communicate between clients and businesses. Connecting and communicating well with clients is important to Lauren, so that she can help your vision for your social media platforms come to life. 



COLLEEN ORQUERA / Content Creator

As a content creator, Colleen enjoys helping create a space for a business to grow. Focusing on all things creativity as well as effective communication, Colleen wants to help businesses build their own community through their social media. Colleen’s goal is to truly understand her client’s main goal so that she can help them achieve it.




David Wolf is a creative professional and media entrepreneur, with a long history serving as a music composer and producer of audio content for radio, TV, film, podcasts, audiobooks and multimedia. His previous company, Crywolf Productions, Inc. (1985-1999) and its recording studios provided music, sound design and production services for advertising and also studios such as Amblin, Discovery Channel, NBC Universal and Disney and for many well-known brands such as Southwest Airlines, Miller Brewing, Embassy Suites, Procter & Gamble, Texas Instruments, Brock Hotel Corporation and many more.

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